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Linking to Wikidata[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Thanks! I will help you with this translations because it would be great for all Wikipedias, I think -Theklan · Eztabaida · E-maila 08:56, 10 azaroa 2015 (UTC)

Linking two categories to Wikidata[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Hi and thanks! Yes, the category is created in that infobox, who puts a name based on a property in Wikidata. But if it's not linked to wikidata, it has a blank space before "ko udalerriak", that means "municipalities of". Some of this articles need to be reviewed, since they're disambiguations. But this work is better done by hand, I guess, so you can create both the disambiguation in its place and the articles that are disambiguated. It would be great, neverthless, to have the list of the articles that actually goes to a disambiguation! -Theklan · Eztabaida · E-maila 23:56, 29 urtarrila 2016 (UTC)