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Christine Schürrer[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Hi could you please make the bot put sufficient interwiki links between the english wikipedia article on Christine Schürrer and the swedish article on Arbogamordet wich are both about her. And also between the swedish wikipedia article on Kevin Borg, and the maltese article on kevin borg. thanks very mutch.-- 16:50, 5 Urria 2008 (UTC)

TXiKiBoT (3)[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Your bot (and another one, which owner I've also contacted) is having trouble with the fact that lt:2070 m., lt:2072 m., etc, all link to en:2070s. I see you've got some sort of patch which eventually removed the link from en:2070s to :lt, but other bots don't seem to. Could you tell me what you've done so I can pass it on the other bot owner? Arthur Rubin (en) (en talk)13:58, 29 Urria 2008 (UTC)