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Vera Miles

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Vera Miles

JaiotzaBoise City (Oklahoma)1929ko abuztuaren 23a (94 urte)
Herrialdea Ameriketako Estatu Batuak
Lehen hizkuntzaingelesa
Ezkontidea(k)Gordon Scott  (1956 -  1960)
Keith Larsen (en) Itzuli  (1960 -  1971)
HeziketaWichita North High School (en) Itzuli
Jarduerakzinema aktorea, telebista-aktorea, aktorea eta edertasun lehiaketan parte-hartzailea
Enplegatzailea(k)Warner Bros.
Jasotako sariak
Genero artistikoaWesterna
Sinesmenak eta ideologia
Alderdi politikoaKaliforniako Errepublikar Alderdia

IMDB: nm0587256 Allocine: 4410 Allmovie: p49126 150420 people/vera-miles
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Vera Miles, Vera Ralston jaioa (Boise City, Oklahoma, 1929ko abuztuaren 23a) estatubatuar aktorea da. Psycho filmean egin zuen lanik ezagunenaz gain, The Searchers, The Wrong Man eta The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance filmetan ere agertu zen.

Filmografia[aldatu | aldatu iturburu kodea]

Zinema[aldatu | aldatu iturburu kodea]

Urtea Izenburua Pertsonaia Oharrak
1950 When Willie Comes Marching Home Laughing Sergeant's date
1951 Two Tickets to Broadway Showgirl
1952 For Men Only Kathy Hughes
The Rose Bowl Story Denny Burke
1953 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms Trailer Commentator
The Charge at Feather River Jennie McKeever
So Big Schoolgirl
1954 Pride of the Blue Grass Linda aka Prince of the Blue Grass
1955 Tarzan's Hidden Jungle Jill Hardy
Wichita Laurie McCoy
1956 The Searchers Laurie Jorgensen
23 Paces to Baker Street Jean Lennox
Autumn Leaves Virginia Hanson
The Wrong Man Rose Balestrero
1957 Beau James Betty Compton
1959 Web of Evidence Lena Anderson aka Beyond This Place
The FBI Story Lucy Ann Hardesty
A Touch of Larceny Virginia Killain
1960 Five Branded Women Daniza
Psycho Lila Crane
1961 The Lawbreakers Angela Walsh
Back Street Liz Saxon
1962 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Hallie Stoddard
1964 A Tiger Walks Dorothy Williams
1965 Those Calloways Lydia "Liddy" Calloway
1966 One of Our Spies Is Missing Madame Raine De Sala
Follow Me, Boys! Vida Downey
1967 The Spirit Is Willing Kate Powell
Gentle Giant Ellen Wedloe
1968 Sergeant Ryker Ann Ryker
Kona Coast Melissa Hyde
The Green Berets Mrs. Lee Kirby
Mission Batangas Joan Barnes
Hellfighters Madelyn Buckman
1969 It Takes All Kinds Laura Ring
1970 The Wild Country Kate Tanner
1972 Molly and Lawless John Molly Parker
1973 One Little Indian Doris McIver
1974 The Castaway Cowboy Henrietta MacAvoy
1977 Run for the Roses Clarissa Stewart aka The Thoroughbreds
1982 BrainWaves Marian Koonan
1983 Psycho II Lila Loomis
1984 The Initiation Frances Fairchild
1985 Into the Night Joan Caper
1995 Separate Lives Dr. Ruth Goldin

Telebista[aldatu | aldatu iturburu kodea]

Urtea Izenburua Pertsonaia Oharrak
1951 Fireside Theatre Atala: "The Seven Graces"
1953–1958 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Sarah Larkin / Julie 4 atal
1954 Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson Lois Wheeler Atala: "This Day Is Yours"
Lux Video Theatre Bere burua 2 atal
Hallmark Hall of Fame Atala: "The Immortal Oath"
Four Star Playhouse Julie Tolin / Maggie 2 atal
Medic Jane Agnes Caldwell Atala: "The Wild Intruder"
1954–1955 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse Daughter / Nancy 3 atal
Ford Television Theatre Angela / Nancy Carr 2 atal
1954–1957 Lux Video Theatre Jenny / Christine Carroll Kimberly / Audrey O'Connor / Maureen O'Reilly 4 atal
1954–1958 Climax! Janet Reese / Jan Michaels / Sally Jordan 4 atal
1954–1960 General Electric Theater Debra Stone / Nora Douglas / Mrs. Eaton / Terry 5 atal
1955 City Detective Carol Martin Atala: "Goodbye Old Paint"
Science Fiction Theatre Dr. Jan Corey Atala: "No Food for Thought"
The Millionaire Merle Roberts Atala: "The Merle Roberts Story"
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Elsa Spann Denboraldia: 1, Atala: "Revenge"
Screen Directors Playhouse Ruth Dahlberg Atala: "Rookie of the Year"
The 20th Century Fox Hour Virginia Atala: "Man on the Ledge"
1956 Strange Stories Susan Harris Atala: "Such a Nice Little Girl"
1957 Playhouse 90 Carolyn Cook Atala: "Panic Button"
1958 Studio 57 The Little Girl's Mother Atala: "Emergency Call"
Colgate Theatre Judy Gregory Atala: "Mr. Tutt"
1959 Riverboat Jeanette Mowbray Atala: "About Roger Mowbray"
Rawhide Helen Walsh Atala: "Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse"
1959–1965 Wagon Train Anne Reed / Janice Stuart / Sister Rita 3 atal
1960 Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre Jenny Breckenridge Atala: "Miss Jenny"
The Twilight Zone Millicent Barnes Atala: "Mirror Image"
Startime Jean Medwick Atala: "Incident at a Corner"
Laramie Anne Andrews Atala: "Three Rode West"
1961 The Asphalt Jungle Angela Walsh Atala: "The Lady and the Lawyer"
Frontier Circus Maureen McBride Atala: "Lippizan"
Checkmate Zoe Kamens Atala: "The Crimson Pool"
1962 The Detectives Lucy 2 atal
Sam Benedict Midge Maddon Atala: "Maddon's Folly"
Route 66 Ellen Barnes Atala: "Where Is Chick Lorimer, Where Has She Gone?"
The Dick Powell Show Stella Calman Atala: "Crazy Sunday"
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Daphne Denboraldua: 1, Atala: "Don't Look Behind You"
1962–1963 The Eleventh Hour Kate Sommers / Ann Costigan 2 atal
1963 The Fugitive Monica Welles Atala: "Fear in a Desert City"
Arrest and Trial Jean Forbes Atala: "Isn't It a Lovely View"
Kraft Suspense Theatre Ann Ryker 2 atal
The Fugitive Monica Welles Telefilma
1963–1970 The Virginian Amelia Ballard / Maggie Menken / Miss Wallace 3 atal
Insight Lucy / Mme Bernice / Sister Lucy Anne / Marion / Maria 5 atal
1964 The Unknown Kassia Paine Telefilma
The Outer Limits Kasha Paine Atala: "The Forms of Things Unknown"
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre Beth Atala: "The Sojourner"
Burke's Law Claudia Sutton Atala: "Who Killed the Horne of Plenty?"
The Hanged Man Lois Seeger Telefilma
1965 Slattery's People Lucy Hampton Atala: "Question: How Long Is the Shadow of a Man?"
Mr. Novak Sister Gervaise Atala: "There's a Penguin in My Garden"
My Three Sons Ernestine Coulter 3 atal
I Spy Rachel Atala: "Affair in T'Sien Cha"
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Nicky Revere Denboraldia:3, Atala: "Death Scene"
1966 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Madame Raine De Sala 2 atal
ABC Stage 67 Adele Atala: "The People Trap"
1966–1971 Bonanza Mrs. April Christopher / Sarah Lowell 2 atal
1967 Run for Your Life Rachel Pike Atala: "The Inhuman Predicament"
Off to See the Wizard Gypsy Queen Atala: "Gypsy Colt"
Judd, for the Defense Lydia Gray Atala: "Everyone Loved Harlan But His Wife"
1968 Journey to the Unknown June Wiley Atala: "Matakitas Is Coming"
1968–1970 The Name of the Game Hilary Vanderman / Tracy Cannon / Marisa Cummings 3 atal
1968–1971 Ironside Gloria Campbell / Barbara Richards / Barbara Jones 3 atal
1969 Journey to the Unknown June Wiley Telefilma ("Matakitas Is Coming" zatia)
The F.B.I. Kate Burke Atala: "The Swindler"
Mannix Jean McBride Atala: "Return to Summer Grove"
1970 Gunsmoke Dr. Sam McTavish Atala: "Sam McTavish, M.D."
Dan August Carla Atala: "When the Shouting Dies"
1970–1973 Marcus Welby, M.D. Janet Devaney / Helen Wagner 2 atal
1970–1974 Medical Center Nora Crayton / Eva / Dr. Gloria Howell 4 atal
1971 Hawaii Five-O Flora Whiting Atala: "Dear Enemy"
In Search of America Jenny Olson Telefilma
Cannon Diana Langston Telefilma
Alias Smith and Jones Belle Jordan Atala: "The Posse That Wouldn't Quit"
A Howling in the Woods Rose Staines Telefilma
1971–1973 Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law Nancy Hodges / Joan Baldwin 2 atal
1972 Jigsaw Lilah Beth Cummings Telefilma
A Great American Tragedy Gloria Wilkes Telefilma
1972–1975 Cannon Vivian Cabe / Dr. Adams 2 atal
1973 Baffled! Andrea Glenn Telefilma
Columbo Viveca Scott Atala: "Lovely But Lethal"
Runaway! Ellen Staffo Telefilma
1974 Live Again, Die Again Marcia Carmichael Telefilma
The Underground Man Eleanor Strom Telefilma
The Strange and Deadly Occurrence Christine Rhodes Telefilma
1975 The Wonderful World of Disney Kate Tannen Atala: "Wild Country: Part 2"
The Streets of San Francisco Catherine Wyatt Atala: "Men Will Die"
1976 Ellery Queen Celeste Wakefield Atala: "The Adventure of the Two-Faced Woman"
Movin' On Sheila Powers Atala: "Sing It Again, Sonny"
McNaughton's Daughter Grace Coventry Atala: "McNaughton's Daughter"
Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys Mrs. Horton Telefilma
State Fair Melissa Bryant Telefilma
Smash-Up on Interstate 5 Erica Telefilma
1977 Fire! Martha Wagner Telefilma
Barnaby Jones Diane Magnus Atala: "The Reincarnation"
1978 How the West Was Won Beth 2 atal
Fantasy Island Martha Tate Atala: "Superstar/Salem"
The Runaways Joan Larkin Atala: "Lies We Live With"
And I Alone Survived Irene Elder Telefilma
1980 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Tora Atala: "Flight of the War Witch"
Roughnecks Ida McBride Telefilma
1981 Our Family Business Patricia Telefilma
Magnum, P.I. Joan Gibson Atala: "Mad Buck Gibson"
1982 Mazes and Monsters Cat Wheeling Telefilma
1982–1984 The Love Boat Eve Springer / Arlene Kemper / Bess Hensinger 3 atal
1983 Little House: A New Beginning Ruthy Leland Atala: "The Last Summer"
Trapper John, M.D. Liz Waleska Atala: "Blue Genes"
Travis McGee Julie Lawless Telefilma
1984 Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues Kate Keller Telefilma
Matt Houston Mary Haywood Atala: "The High Fashion Murders"
1984–1987 Hotel Ruth / Grace Harlan / Millie Broom / Teresa Clayborne 4 atal
1985 Finder of Lost Loves Joanna Shaw Atala: "Deadly Silence"
International Airport Elaine Corley Telefilma
Crazy Like a Fox Georgina Atala: "Requiem for a Fox"
1985–1991 Murder, She Wrote Nancy Landon / Charmaine Calloway Thompson / Elizabeth Gates 3 atal
1988 Simon & Simon Catherine Van Alder-Vicente Atala: "The Richer They Are the Harder They Fall"
1989 The Hijacking of the Achille Lauro Sophie Kubacki Telefilma

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