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It is E = gamma * m * c^2 and not EK = (gamma-1)mc^2 ~ 1/2 mv^2 After I helped to correct this in my language (Hebrew) I decided to help other wiki's.

Sorry, all my physics book tell me that:

Which, if we use Taylor's method over γ and if the particle is moving on one dimension:

And if

we have:

The only matter for discussion is if really de Brogle used Kinetic energy as the base for his matter-wave frequency in his thesis. But, as I told you, there is nothing wrong (I think) in this maths.--Janfri; bai esan? Aum calligraphy.svg 08:56, 1 Otsaila 2008 (UTC)

Erreferentziak[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Originally, the here quoted reference of excellent publication about Prof. Vallée was included too:

Θ ing° D.A. Borgdorff MASc EE: 12:53, 27 Otsaila 2008 (UTC)

Arrazoi duzu, berriz jarri dut.--Janfri; bai esan? Aum calligraphy.svg 09:36, 27 Ekaina 2008 (UTC)
Autopromozioa izanda, kentzera noa berriz.--Janfri; bai esan? Aum calligraphy.svg 14:32, 27 Ekaina 2008 (UTC)
  • Not owing to WMF decision, but I'll respect your point which cann't stand too because it flawed. Regards: D.A. Borgdorff 14:54, 27 Ekaina 2008 (UTC)