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Bot bug[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Please, check why TXiKiBoT changed good [[be-x-old:Расейска-грузінская вайна (2008)]] here to bad:[[be-x-old:Вайна у Паўднёвай Асэтыяй (2008)]] Michalgarbowski 13:07, 11 Abuztua 2008 (UTC)

Spaliviero hitman case[aldatu iturburu kodea]

hi could you make the bot put sufficient interwiki links between the english wikipedia article Spaliviero hitman case, to the Charlotte Lindström articles from simple and french wikipedia as it concerns the same case. Thanks-- 18:46, 12 Abuztua 2008 (UTC)

Buggy TXiKiBoT[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Hello, your bot on the German wikipedia, article de:Saturn (Planet), repeatedly alters the Myanmasa interwiki link to a wrong one. Other bots are correcting it all the time. Please have a look, thank you! -- 10:53, 13 Abuztua 2008 (UTC)

E-mail[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Hi, I received an e-mail from your bot in Basque. I don't know any Basque. I have no idea what I could have done that could have caused your bot to send this e-mail. I certainly had not made any edits on Basque Wikipedia at that time. I made those edits in my history almost an hour after the e-mail was sent. I don't think merely looking at a page in Basque should trigger an e-mail from some random bot. — Timwi 15:16, 15 Abuztua 2008 (UTC)

Bad edit by your bot[aldatu iturburu kodea]


Why did you bot do this:


Vargenau 16:44, 18 Abuztua 2008 (UTC)