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A new projet that may interest you: Structured tasks

Trizek (WMF) (eztabaidaekarpenak)
Sketch of an idea for a structured workflow for adding links to an article. The goal is to help newcomers edit at high volume.


Sorry for using English. Mesedez, lagun gaitzazu zure hizkuntzara itzultzen.

I'm contacting you about a new project the Growth team is working on. You may have heard about it in our last newsletter. This project is about making it easy for newcomers to make real article edits. Since you already have the Growth team prototypes enabled on your wiki, your opinion is important to us !

newcomer tasks feature makes good results: about 900 newcomers made over 5,000 suggested edits so far. We've learned that newcomers are interested in receiving suggested edits.

Now, we are thinking about how to give them easy edits. We have a new idea called "structured tasks". The goal is to break down edits into easy steps, and easy on mobile devices.

In the past, certain kinds of editing tasks have been structured. For instance, adding categories using HotCat is done by pressing some buttons. Now, we are thinking about how to structure the editing of articles. The goal is to allow newcomers can make large content additions, especially from their mobile devices.

Please visit the project page and respond to the discussion questions listed on the talk page. This conversation is open until June 18.

Please respond after this message if you prefer. We will read you in Basque, but replies would be in English.

Thank you for your help!

"A new projet that may interest you: Structured tasks" mezuari erantzun