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Aberporth[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Hi, I'm creating basque articles of all communities and villages of Wales. I've just checked your Lankide:Wici Rhuthun 1/Aberporth page and I've created Aberporth article. Hwyl! -Euskaldunaa (eztabaida) 08:27, 12 martxoa 2017 (UTC)

@Euskaldunaa: Brilliant start! But I suggest deleting the union jack on 'Estatua'! Let me know if I can help! Wici Rhuthun 1 (eztabaida) 15:19, 21 martxoa 2017 (UTC)
Estatua means "State", we use to put it in the Basque Country's village articles too. The Nation is Wales, Basque Country, Scotland, Brittany, I consider myself only basque but we can't ignore that they're in the states (United Kingdom, Spain and France) and Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that must reflect reality. Of course, I've given to the nations a leading role, placing them and their flags at the top of the infobox.
-Euskaldunaa (eztabaida) 19:47, 20 martxoa 2017 (UTC)
That is good! One day, we shall break away from the UK, free as the wind! All the best! Wici Rhuthun 1 (eztabaida) 18:25, 26 apirila 2017 (UTC)