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SGrabarczuk (WMF) (eztabaidaekarpenak)


Within the next couple of weeks, the Wikimedia Foundation Web team will move links to wikis in different languages from the sidebar to a button on the top of the page.

This will make it easier to switch between language versions of Wikimedia projects. The original language list will no longer appear on the sidebar.

Why we are changing this

Links to languages located in the sidebar are difficult to find. These are often shown last, in the bottom corner of the screen. It requires scrolling down the page to use them.

As a consequence, many readers are not aware of the variety of languages available. They do not know how to find information in another language without leaving the wiki and using an external search engine.

You can learn more about moving the interlanguage links, the future improvements, and the Desktop Improvements project.

Gadgets' compatibility

Some gadgets and user scripts might need to be updated or might become redundant or obsolete. We provide support for users who would like to maintain the compatibility.

Did you know…

… that the Language Team is working on an improved language selector? Various improvements are taken into consideration. This will include adding new interliki links as well as beginning new translations directly from the Universal Language Selector.

Let's work together

Eskerrik asko!

Mesedez, lagun gaitzazu zure hizkuntzara itzultzen!

Theklan (eztabaidaekarpenak)

Thanks! How are languages going to be suggested? Will it be based on the user or sitewide?

SGrabarczuk (WMF) (eztabaidaekarpenak)

This is part of the Language team's task. Our change of the interface shouldn't be related to the suggested languages, and the setting of the suggested languages shouldn't be changed now. I know there was a bug and the suggested languages weren't displayed for some time, but it was fixed earlier this week.

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