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Note about 'telegram'[aldatu iturburu kodea]

The removed 'telegram' is a primitive fotoshop work. Claimed to be sourced by Technical Museum Zagreb. However, a Museum representative responded to someone on Serbian Wikipedia by writing that the museum keeps only enlarged copy of this 'telegram' and that the document original is owned by Nikola Tesla Museum Belgrade. No proof of existence of the original was ever given by Nikola Tesla Museum.

Why is the 'telegram' forgery, read IS THE TESLA-MACEK TELEGRAM AUTHENTIC?-- 19:32, 28 azaroa 2013 (UTC)

Having read both your message above and the two threads on this topic in the Talk page of the English Wikipedia, I see that you have a point — good reasons have been given to point out that it's a forgery, and no reasons have been given against. I'll keep an eye at the article to keep those telegrams out of it. --Xabier Armendaritz Icons-mini-comment new.gif 2013-11-29, 12:25 (UTC)
Sorry but what has been done by deleting the picture by claiming them to be forgeries is violating fundamental Wiki guidelines for reliable sources and also no original research, since the reaons given are not from reliabel sources and are original research. Relating to the english Wiki is no argument since they did not delete it because of being forgeries but for other reasons. The only source which is supporting the forgery claim is this private POV homepage which is not relevant for scientific works or encyclopedias and for sure is not a reliable source according to the Wiki reliable source guidelines. If this telegramms are realy forgeries then there has to be reliable sources which proof this and the people who want to delete these pictures from the article are in the duty to show this reliable sources. I could not find any reliable source which was supporting this forgery claim yet ( and the only souirce which is talking about forgeries is this croatianviewpoint homepage which is not reliable according to our guidelines ) so I put the picture back into the article. The museum of Zagreb is claiming to have a copy of the original from the museum in Balgrade. Well this information alone is already more reliable than this one private homepage which is containing conspiracy theories. So before this pictures are deleted again please show reliable sources for this forgery claim. Because the way it was done till now is violating "no iriginal research" and "reliable sources" guidelines. Kind regards Seader (eztabaida) 02:55, 18 uztaila 2014 (UTC)

Since the telegram pictures were removed again I am asking again for a reliable source which supports this forgery claim. It is a very basic question for a reliable source. If not such can be provided because none such exists than the pictures should be put back into the article. Kind regards Seader (eztabaida) 09:04, 18 uztaila 2014 (UTC)

These telegrams add nothing to the content of the article, so there is no need to add them. The forgery/authenticity discussion should be held in the English Wikipedia — that is the place where most specialist could take part. On the other hand, this is the Basque Wikipedia — here, the discussion should be held in Basque, so that all participants could take part in it. --Xabier Armendaritz Icons-mini-comment new.gif 2014-07-18, 09:18 (UTC)
Well unfortunately I cam not able to speak basque. But the pictures of the telegram were removed by an POV IP which was claiming them to be forgeries through all language Wikis. Since there is no reliable source which is supporting this claim the reasoning for the deletion here was wrong and thatfore it was "deletion vandalism" which can be reverted and the pictures have been restored already in several other wikipedias. Kind regards Seader (eztabaida) 09:26, 18 uztaila 2014 (UTC)
OK, then take this discussion to the English Wikipedia. If the authenticity is approved there, and additional content added to the English article so that the pictures can figure there, we may consider adding to this article content that would justify adding back these telegrams here. Kind regards. --Xabier Armendaritz Icons-mini-comment new.gif 2014-07-18, 09:37 (UTC)
Actually it is not on us or any other Wikipedia to proof the authenticity of the telegram when the museum of Zagreb claims to have a copy of the original fro, mthe museum of Belgrade. This owuld be original research and against the Wiki "no original research" guidelines. Several independent and reputable sources are refering to this telegrams. As long as there are no reliable sources which support the claim that its a forgery the authenticity of the telegrams is not the question at all. So the only thing which stays left is the additional content. Kind regards Seader (eztabaida) 08:21, 21 uztaila 2014 (UTC)

blokeoa[aldatu iturburu kodea]

Zergatik blokeatu duzu orri hau? —Aurreko iruzkin sinatugabea Joxezin (eztabaidaekarp.) lankideak idatzi du (data: 2014-07-18, 10:58).

Kaixo, Joxezin. Ez dakit nori egiten diozun galdera, eta galdera nork egiten zuen ere ez nekien, sinatu ez duzulako (ezatabaida orri honen historian begiratu behar izan dut, zu izan zarela jakiteko). Dena dela, artikulua bloketatuta dagoela ikusi baldin baduzu, arrazoia ere ikusiko zenuen, blokeoaren ondoan jarrita (garbi jartzen baitu: «Produkzioaren aurkakoa den edizio gerra»). Ondo izan. --Xabier Armendaritz Icons-mini-comment new.gif 2014-07-18, 09:06 (UTC)